Photo: Markus Gårder
Photo: Markus Gårder


10 year anniversary concert with Karlsson Barock, Gothenburg, SWEDEN 2019

Conductor: Göran Karlsson

Ensemble: Karlsson Barock

Vanberg sjunger med stor inlevelse, utan noter och med blicken ute i publiken. Efter Comfort ye kommer två snabba arior ur Ariodante och Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno, båda kraftfulla och med långa, skickligt utförda koloraturlinjer. Men högst klingar nog ändå de långsamma ariorna efter paus, Un momento di contento ur Alcina och Waft her, angels ur Jephta, vilka inte lämnar någon i publiken oberörd.

”Vanberg sings with great feeling, by heart and with his eyes to the audience. After Comfort ye he sang two fast arias from Ariodante and Il trionfo with great power and long, skillfully executed coloraturas. But the highest level of sound was probably heard in the two slow arias after the intermission, in momento di contento from Alcina and waft her, angels from Jephtha, which doesn’t leave anyone in the audience unmoved.”

Carl Magnus Juliusson

GP 3/2-2019

Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno, Gdansk, POLAND 2018

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone

Ensemble. Accademia Bizantina

Podczas finału wystąpili także świetni soliści. Tenor Martin Vanberg zachwycał swobodą śpiewu i barwą głosu. 

"In the final concert were excellent performances among the soloists. Tenor Martin Vanberg was delightful with a free voice and wonderful timbre."

Maja Korbut

Dziennik Bałtycki 2/4-2018


La Resurrezione, Händel, Ambronay, FRANCE 2017 

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone

Ensemble: Accademia Bizantina

Enfin, le ténor suédois Martin Vanberg est un Saint Jean solaire, sensible et charmant, à voix belle et homogène.

Emanuel Derœux 

Olyrix (Magazine) 29/9-2017


Bach, St Matthew's Passiom, Dortmund, Witten, GERMANY 2017

Komplettiert wurde der gute Eindruck durch ein fünfköpfiges, ausgewogenes Solistenensemble. Hier ist besonders der Tenor Martin Vanberg zu nennen, der mit heller und klarer Stimme das Evangelium vortrug."

Peter Tölke 

WAZ 17.04.2017


Gudmundsson, Hamlet in Absentia, Aalborg Musikkens hus, DENMARK 2017

Conductor: Jakob Hultberg

Director: Åsa Melldahl

Athelas Ensemble

"i denne, for en opera usædvanlige og vanskelige, rolle gør Martin Vanberg stort og knivskarpt indtryk, godt understøttet af en smidig og skøntklingende tenor, hvad enten han bevegede sig rundt i ulasteligt jakkesæt eller forbigående blev klædt af til skindet."

Otto Pretzmann 

Nordjyske 28/3-2017 


Bach, G-mollmesse, Aus der tiefen, St Petri kyrka, Sweden 2016

Conductor: Martin Arpåker

Höjdpunkten kom i kantatens tenoraria med körkoral, där arians oro ställs mot koralens lugn samtidigt som arians tonrankor kan uppfattas som utsmyckningar av koralen. Tenoren Martin Vanberg underströk denna dubbelhet genom att göra sina snabba toner koral­mässigt regelbundna, inte nervöst flackande. Här fanns det stillhet mitt i ängslan.

Tobias Lund

Sydsvenskan 7/11/2016


Gudmundsson, Hamlet in Absentia, Kronborgs Slott (Hamletscenen), Denmark 2016

Conductor: Jakob Hultberg

Director: Åsa Melldahl

Athelas Ensemble

"Den velsyngende psykoterapeut, den flotte, svenske tenor Martin Vanberg glider i ét med rollen som den tjekkede terapeut... Hans stemme både trygler og håner, afdækker og glatter ud. Her er en terapeut, der kan sin Ødipus!"

Anne Middelboe

Information Aug 2016


Bach, Mass in B-minor, Auditorium "Toscanini", Torino, Italy 2015

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone

OSN RAI, Coro Maghini

"Martin Vanberg possiede voce di squisita dolcezza e morbidezza che ha riversato pienamente nello stupendo e intimo Benedictus."

Lodovico Buscatti 

Operaclick 22/12-2015


"Martin Vanberg ha voce particolarmente a suo agio nel registro acuto e correttamente educata, piacevole nonostante il timbro leggermente acidulo e lascia soddisfatto il fruitore come si ha occasione di sentire nel “Domine Deus” e nel “Benedictus"

Margherita Paranelli 

Operalibera 18/12-2015 


Sandström, Rokokomaskineriet, Drottningholms Slottsteater, Sweden 2016

Conductor: David Stern

Director: Stina Ancker


"Jag imponeras av den känslomässiga laddningen i kärleken till konsten och hur väl ensemblen lyckas förmedla den i Stina Anckers regi. Inte minst Martin Vanbergs Dekormålaren, sensuellt förälskad i sina penslar och sin canvas."


"I get impressed by the emotional outburst for the love of the art and of how well the ensemble manages to deliver it. Especially Martin Vanberg's painter, sensually in love with his brushes and his canvas"

Johanna Paulsson

DN 9/6/2016


Porpora, Il Trionfo della Divina Giustizia, Beaune, France 2015

Conductor: Thibault Noally 


"Ce dernier est magnifiquement défendu par le ténor Martin Vanberg : voix bien charpentée, flatteuse, à l'étendue stupéfiante."

Par Jean-François Lattarico

Diapason 27/07/2015


Händel, Jephtha, Beaune, France 2015

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone

Accademia Bizantina

"Le rôle-titre est confié à la ligne claire et racée, paisiblement vocalisante, passant avec aplomb de la fougue testostéronée à l’affliction, du solaire Martin Vanberg.

Jean-Luc Clairet

Resmusica 24/7-15

"The young Swedish tenor Martin Vanberg sang stylishly as Jephtha. His ‘Waft her, angels’ attained a gracious lyricism."

Brian Robins

Early Music Review 1/8-2015



• Hjorth, Det Dybeste Sted, on tour in Denmark/Sweden 2014/2015

Nordic Opera/Øresundsoperan 

Director: Helena Röhr

"One voice was outstanding and fully intriguing: the ethereal translucent, mystifying tenor voice of Martin Vanberg"

OPUS #56 sept-okt 2014 


•  Händel, Jephtha, Oslo Domkirke, Norway 2014

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone

Academia Bizantina

"Especially the tenor Martin Vanberg...managed to express an authencity in the despair of Jephta and he showed singing qualities which was greatly impressive.

 VL 22/3-2014


•  Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium, Fredrikstad Domkirke, Norway 2013

Conductor: Tore Erik Moen


"Martin Vanberg was brilliant in the recitatives"

Fredrikstad Blad  17/12-2013


•  Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium, Stavanger Domkirke, Norway 2013

 Conductor: Oddgeir Kjetilstad

members from Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

"The Evangelist has the most demanding and difficult task. Vanberg fulfilled our expectations with a typical Evangelist voice."

Stavanger Aftenblad 8/12-2013


•  Britten, A Midsummernights Dream, Läckö Castle, Sweden 2013

Conductor: Simon Phipps

Director: Åsa Melldahl

"It is difficult to pick any of the Athenians, but Martin Vanberg’s Lysander had a particularly expressive voice even when he was singing quietly."

 Seen and heard international (web review) 19/7-2013


•  Monteverdi L’Incoronazione di Poppea, Innsbrucker Festwochen für alten musik, Austria 2012

Conductor: Massimiliano Toni

Director: Jacob Peters Messer

"Ténor clair fort à son aise dans la musique de Monteverdi, le Suédois Martin Vanberg livre ensuite un Lucano efficace, et une Nutrice d'Ottavia aussi remarquablement chantée que drôle (sorte de gretchen-girafe qui ne dédaigne pas la chose)."

"...Avec ces trois chanteurs, les disciples de Sénèque bénéficient d'une distribution idéalement équilibrée."

 Bertrand Bolognesi, Anaclase 20/8-2012


 •  J. S. Bach "St John Passion" Melbourne Recital Centre, Australia 2012

Conductor: Stephen Layton

Ludovico's Band

Clive O'Connell in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald March 28, 2012

"In vocal content, the performance gained more than most from its soloists. Carrying much of the workload, Swedish tenor Martin Vanberg proved an ideal Evangelist, showing few signs of strain in upper reaches and gifted with a transparent timbre that borders on male alto territory. He also took on the work's two active and challenging tenor solos with no apparent signs of stress; as clear of voice in the last recitative as in the first."



 •  J. S. Bach "Christmas Oratorio" Örebro Concert Hall, Sweden 2011

Conductor: Thomas Dausgaard

Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Mats-Arne Larsson, NA 20/12-2011

"Vanberg leads us through the piece with a clear baroque tenor which is straightforward and unpretentious. It is well done, with a youthfull seriousness and empathy that I believe in"



 •  D. Nelson "Pride and Prejudice" 2011 Vadstena-Academy, Sweden (sung in swedish) 

Conductor: David Björkman

Director: Clara Swärd

Ingrid Gäfvert OPERA 4/2011

”The tenor Martin Vanberg was impressive as Mr Wickham in the final act, where his charmer, in the pale light of reflection, sang a Pinkertonlike aria with the bitter taste of self-contempt as the key element.”


 •  G. F. Händel "Alcina"  The Gothenburg Opera, Sweden 2011

Conductor: Laurence Cummings

Director: Yannis Houvardas

Stage Designer: Lars-Åke Thessman

Costume Design: Karin Erskine


Lennart Bromander, Aftonbladet 8/2-2011                     

”Martin Vanberg as Morganas sometimes spurned lover Oronte shows a beautiful lyric tenor.”


Erik Graune, OPERA No. 1 2011

”...Martin Vanberg’s nuanced stylish Oronte”



”Equally noticable is Martin Vanberg, ... with a very personal voice and expression.”


  F. J. Haydn ”Die Schöpfung” Västerås Cathedral, Sweden 3/10-2010

Conductor: Johan Hammarström

Birgit Ahlberg-Hyse, VLT 4/10-2010

”Martin Vanberg was overwhelming in both vocal quality and expression… a lyrical and flexible voice”


  F. J. Haydn ”Die Jahreszeiten” Hürth im Feierabendhaus, Germany 9/5-2010

Conductor: Christian Letschert-Larsson

Hanna Styrie, Kölnische Rundschau Nummer 109, 11/05-2010

Einen hervorragenden Eindruck hinterließ Martin Vanberg, der sich durch einen beweglichen, klaren Tenor, präzise Artikulation und eine überaus sorgfältige Textbehandlung auszeichnete. Lyrische Qualitäten bewies er in der Kavatine ”Dem Druck erlieget die Natur“


(Martin Vanberg left an outstanding impression, he distinguished himself by a movable, clear tenor, precise articulation and a very thorough text treatment. he displayed lyrical qualities in the Cavatina ”Dem Druck erlieget die Natur“)


  G.F. Händel ”Messiah” Turku Cathedral, Finland 2/4-2010

Conductor: Mark Tatlow

Orchestra: Turku Symphony Orchestra

ATTE TENKANEN, Turun Sanomat 6/4-2010 

Martin Vanbergin tenori olikin koskettava. Hän lauloi tekstiä ensimmäisestä leijuvasta resitatiivista lähtien. Karismaan ei riitä kaunis ääni, vaan myös viestin täytyy välittyä. Vanbergin tenori soi kuulaasti ja viesti välittyi koskettavana


”Martin Vanberg’s tenor was touching. He sang the text immediately from his first, floating recitative. To have charisma, it is not enough only with a beautiful voice, the text also has to be conveyed. Vanberg’s tenor had a rich sound and the message was conveyed in a touching way”


 "I Natt! I Natt! 2", Malmö Opera, Ystad Theatre etc.

Director: Helena Röhr

Fredrik Fischer, Ystads Allehanda 8/3-2010

"the tenor Martin Vanberg (adorable boyish with comic talent and a "one in a million"-voice)


F. Poulenc ”Les Dialogues des Carmelites” 2010, The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen

Director: Ebbe Knudsen

Conductor: Marc Soustrot

Henning Høholt, Kulturkompasset 4/2-2010

”…Martin Vanberg, as his son, Chevalier de la Force, presented a beautiful, very melodic tenor, with charm and an expression that fascinated me”


   Nikolo Kotzev ” Joel”  Alandica, Mariehamn, Finland

Libretto: Lars Huldén. 

Director: Richard Bark.

Conductor: Jonas Dominique. 

Stage Design: Maria Antman. 

Bo Löfvendahl, SVD (Svenska Dagbladet) 25/7-2009 

”Martin Vanberg’s clear tenor is radiant in two of the roles”

Lena Johanna Svartström, Nya Ålandstidningen 27/7-2009
Martin Vanberg’s (Elis/David) tenor impresses with his clarity and very unique sound.”


Benjamin Britten ”The Rape of Lucretia” 2009 The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen

Director: Veronika Kær

Conductor: Steuart Bedford

Carl-Gunnar Åhlén, SVD 18/3-09

”…the tenor Martin Vanberg, who’s sensational stepping in as ”Male Chorus” with only four hours notice was rewarded with huge applause from the Sunday audience”


Claudio Monteverdi “Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria” 2008 The Drottningholm Palace Theatre

Director: Johanna Garpe

Conductor: Mark Tatlow

Costume Design: Karin Erskine


Hanna Höglund, Expressen 28/7-2008

”And what an opening created by Johanna Garpe: here, the next ”tenor-to-be”- Martin Vanberg, emerges in the role as the symbolic ”Human frailty” and he is simply radiant!”


G.F. Händel ”Saul” 2007 Vadstena-Akademien, The Castle of Vadstena

Director: Elisabeth Linton

Conductor: Olof Boman

Set- and Costume Design: Magdalena Stenbeck


Magnus Haglund, Göteborgs-Posten 16/7-2007

”The one who impresses me most among the soloists is the Tenor Martin Vanberg as the son of Saul. He is the one who most distinctly catches the ray of restrained affliction in the musical language of Händel and he also manages, in a convincing way, to show the long melodic lines.”


Sara Norling, DN 16/7-2007
"Martin Vanberg as Jonathan and ... gives strong performances."
"Vocally convincing is mainly ... and Martin Vanberg. He, with the most exquisite baroque tenor that, with absolute facility, ornaments his way even in virtuous numbers like the first act hit-song "Birth and fortune I despise"."


Sofia Nyblom, SVD 17/7-2007

”Luminous is also Martin Vanberg’s Jonathan, who with his agile, lyrical tenor manages to convince his father to spare the life of his friend, David”
Hanna Höglund, Expressen 16/7-2007
"I mourn Martin Vanbergs lanky Jonathan when he dies."